Stebon Primary School

Stebon Primary School

Life at Stebon Primary School Life at Stebon Primary School Life at Stebon Primary School Life at Stebon Primary School Life at Stebon Primary School Life at Stebon Primary School
Learning is very good at Stebon because expectations are high and the teachers give us confidence. Imtiaz
As a child at Stebon, I am happy to be here as I have good
friends. Emad
There are lots of activities that are really fun like tournaments in the summer. Sadia
You can do excellent things in art and do loads of projects and experiments. Shahriyar
This school is a safe, happy and friendly place to be. Jannah
I think the atmosphere is cheerful because learning is
fun! Fahim
I would say that teaching is of a high standard. Abidah
Everybody respects each other. We have an anti-bullying policy and playground buddies who help you find friends. Zainab
It is a wonderful place to be where everyone is treated the same. Muhibur
Playtimes are the best because we have lots of games to play with. Sadiya

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School Council

School Council at Stebon

We believe that a school that serves pupils needs to listen to & respond to those pupils & more importantly to give them the power to do things & make changes.

The School Council has been running for several years now & with the help of committed staff has taken great strides in developing pupil voice through the whole school.

Each year in January we hold elections for a school council. The candidates who wish to take part write the speech they will use to canvas support in their class. All of the children listen and decide who will take the roles. They then vote for who they think will do the best job.

The children understand that being in school council is a big responsibility; councillors take ideas from their classes and bring them to meetings. The chairperson makes sure they all get to share their ideas. All of our school councillors wear a badge so other children know who to go to should they have a problem or something they would like discussed.

“In the past year we have worked extremely hard to make changes to things we have thought about. We have questioned our class to get ideas of how to improve school packed lunches and we are currently working on improving our playground so everyone has happier lunchtimes.”

School council roles and responsibilities

The role of the chairperson

A chairperson is in charge of the student council meeting. They make sure all members follow the agenda and are sensible. They represent the school council in important meetings.

 The role of the vice chairperson

A role of the vice chairperson is to cover the chairpersons role when they are absent. 

The role of the administrator

An administrator does all the photocopying and paperwork for the school council. They have the responsibility of handing out the agenda and minutes at every meeting.

The role of the minute-taker

A minute-taker has the responsibility of recording everything we do at our meetings. They record what we say, our thoughts and ideas.